Hello I am Mr Darcy.

I look so fabulous prancing along Eton High Street , am much admired and I have been known to stop the traffic – literally!

More important than looking so gorgeous, is the fact that despite not liking being parted from my Mum, I enjoy my visits to Barkers.

The very mention of the hairdresser  has me bouncing about with gleeful anticipation. A lovely shampoo and pamper session. My Mum can enjoy a rare leisurely morning, knowing that I am in safe and kind hands (she is most particular about who she entrusts me with).

I am rather sensitive and when I was a puppy, did not like having my hair done at all. Then we were recommended to come to Barkers and I have been a regular visitor for over seven years now and know that Linda and all the Barkers team will look after me, be caring and reassuring, talk to me and give me back to Mum, happy and looking wonderful!

What more could I wish for!