Titles won include the Prestigious "Groomer of the Year"


Best in show at the MILAN GROOM - ITALY 2014

MAX (Parsons Jack Russell)

I’ve recently been taking Max to get cut at Barkers and I will now not go anywhere else. He is not the easiest Jack Russell to cut and has been turned away from many groomers who refuse to cut him due to his temperament when it comes to a hair cut, however, Barkers do a magnificent job whenever they cut him, by far the best from anywhere I’ve taken him, and for this I thank them. All the staff are friendly in a clean and well-presented environment.

James Clack (Surrey)

WIDGET (Doodle)

We were always very happy to bring Widget to Barkers for his haircut. Everyone was so friendly, supportive and professional and his “teddy bear clip” was just fantastic. As Widget was a Canine Partners puppy he always received a lot of attention when he was out in public, especially when we were training him in hospitals, banks, supermarkets….and of course in pubs and coffee shops! So it was important to us and to the Charity that he looked at his best wherever possible. Total strangers have stopped us in the street to say he was the most beautiful dog they’d ever seen, so that’s probably the best testimonial of all.

Sue & Andy Simms (Haslemere, Surrey) - Canine Partners Puppy Parents

HAMISH & ANGUS (Westies)

We have been a client of Barkers for the past 20 years. We have always been very happy with their work, its a very clean and friendly enviroment and our 2 dogs always look wonderfull. Thank you to everyone.

V L (Ewell, Surrey)

MAGIC (Bichon)

I have been a client of Barkers for approx 17 years now.  My first  Bichon, Casey and now my second, Magic  have  both been groomed to show standard every six weeks.  The staff are very knowledgable, friendly and helpful. I would thoroughly recommend them! 

Wendy G (Reigate, Surrey)

RUFUS (Standard Poodle)

We are very happy with Barkers. Rufus our Standard Poodle has been groomed by them since he was a puppy – he is now nearly seven and a half years old. Everyone is so pleasant and helpful and they always do an excellent job. They seem to really understand their doggy clients.

Valerie & Tony (West Molesey, Surrey)

BERYL (Italian Spinone)

Barkers did a marathon job of handstripping our spinone Beryl. She’d very firmly made it explicitly clear to us that any plucking at her coat was unwelcome and not to be tolerated. Consequently she turned up at Barkers looking not unlike an old hippy’s battered Afghan coat. She emerged five hours later looking sleek (Spinone trademark features allowing) and very pleased with herself.

Lisa T (Toys Hill, Kent)

MAISIE (Tibetan Terrier)

Just to say how impressed we are with the service you provide at ‘Barkers’.  We are delighted with the care and attention you give to ‘Maisie’, our Tibetan Terrier. She always looks great when she has been groomed and we have never had so many compliments from admirers when out and about with her. You always make her very welcome and we can be always assured you treat her extremely well whilst in your care. Would and have recommended you to lots of people.

Joanie D (Reigate, Surrey)

MONTY & CINTRA (German Shepherds)

I have just collected Monty & Cintra from being shampooed and groomed by Barkers and I just want to say how pleased I am with the end result and the friendly and courteous way I was treated by the staff – I’ll be back!

Miles P (Godstone, Surrey)

POPPY (Bichon)

The Best Groomers in existance, Professional in every way. Bichons are cut in a special way that only the most highly experienced groomers like Barkers can get perfect.

Mrs J (North Cheam, Surrey)

HONEY (Golden Cocker Spaniel)

We have been searching for a groomers that know exactly what they are doing and we’ve found just that! Fitted Honey in for us at short notice, and listened exactly to our requirements. Definately recommended.

Mrs H, (Oxted, Surrey)

Mr Darcy (Standard Poodle in Show Trim)

Hello I am Mr Darcy.

I look so fabulous prancing along Eton High Street , am much admired and I have been known to stop the traffic – literally!

More important than looking so gorgeous, is the fact that despite not liking being parted from my Mum, I enjoy my visits to Barkers.

The very mention of the hairdresser  has me bouncing about with gleeful anticipation. A lovely shampoo and pamper session. My Mum can enjoy a rare leisurely morning, knowing that I am in safe and kind hands (she is most particular about who she entrusts me with).

I am rather sensitive and when I was a puppy, did not like having my hair done at all. Then we were recommended to come to Barkers and I have been a regular visitor for over seven years now and know that Linda and all the Barkers team will look after me, be caring and reassuring, talk to me and give me back to Mum, happy and looking wonderful!

What more could I wish for!

Dame Sue Young (Eton College, Eton, Berkshire)

DOMINO (Tibetan Terrier)

Hi, my name is Domino and I am a very lucky dog. Every six weeks mummy takes me to Barkers for a haircut and bath. I love going there to see the girls who are very nice to me. Until they’re ready ready for me, I sit and wait in nice clean surroundings and I see the other dogs being made beautiful. When I’m done the girl takes me out to my mum and I pull them down the path as I want mummy to see how good I look.


I love going there, I wish I could go more often. The only downside is mummy does not let me go paddling for a week or so afterwards. Just after Christmas, I had itchy anal glands and I nibbled the base of my tail and made a big knot. Mummy took me to Barkers and they sorted me out in 10 minutes, mummy was really pleased with them. Only lucky dogs get to go to Barkers.

Rita M (Wallington, Surrey)