Barkers have provided dogs for some of the most popular Ads on TV today.

Barkers provide dogs and work with the production teams on many television adverts.

The Swift Cover & RSPCA ads were very cleverly made using real dogs with many cleverly shot angles and some of the latest animation editing.


Titles won include the Prestigious "Groomer of the Year"


Best in show at the MILAN GROOM - ITALY 2014

Media Experience and Opportunities

Barkers are very proud of our reputation within the industry and we often get asked to groom or even provide dogs for:

  • television
  • films
  • photo shoots
  • advertising
  • music videos
  • commercials
  • Over the years we have used our own dogs as well as clients’ dogs,
    giving us the privilege to meet and work alongside some amazing people.

    Some of the work Barkers has been involved with:

    Kennel Club Gazette

    Barkers were very proud and honoured to be requested by The Kennel Club to allow them to use our champion show dog (CH Crystal Turn of the Century) for the front cover of the monthly Kennel Gazette. Not only is it a prestigious magazine to be honoured with the front cover but it was 18 years since they last featured a poodle.


    March 2010 issue.
    Barkers provided one of our champion show dogs (CH Crystalar Razzle Dazzle) for the TAME THE BEAST photo shoot.

    The Sun

    Why a wig’s safer than a bike helmet.

    (CH Crystalar Razzle Dazzle)

    Some adverts and shows Barkers has been involved with:


    This was an advert that Basil did for Nationwide with Little Britain


    Neula the white poodle did the Swift Insurance advert


    Morris did the opening title for the V Graham Norton Show

    Zero 7

    Barkers provided 2 white poodles for the
    making of this Zero 7 video