Hi, my name is Domino and I am a very lucky dog. Every six weeks mummy takes me to Barkers for a haircut and bath. I love going there to see the girls who are very nice to me. Until they’re ready ready for me, I sit and wait in nice clean surroundings and I see the other dogs being made beautiful. When I’m done the girl takes me out to my mum and I pull them down the path as I want mummy to see how good I look.


I love going there, I wish I could go more often. The only downside is mummy does not let me go paddling for a week or so afterwards. Just after Christmas, I had itchy anal glands and I nibbled the base of my tail and made a big knot. Mummy took me to Barkers and they sorted me out in 10 minutes, mummy was really pleased with them. Only lucky dogs get to go to Barkers.