DOMINO (Tibetan Terrier)

Hi, my name is Domino and I am a very lucky dog. Every six weeks mummy takes me to Barkers for a haircut and bath. I love going there to see the girls who are very nice to me. Until they’re ready ready for me, I sit and wait in nice clean surroundings and I see...

Mr Darcy (Standard Poodle in Show Trim)

Hello I am Mr Darcy. I look so fabulous prancing along Eton High Street , am much admired and I have been known to stop the traffic – literally! More important than looking so gorgeous, is the fact that despite not liking being parted from my Mum, I enjoy my...

HONEY (Golden Cocker Spaniel)

We have been searching for a groomers that know exactly what they are doing and we’ve found just that! Fitted Honey in for us at short notice, and listened exactly to our requirements. Definately recommended.

POPPY (Bichon)

The Best Groomers in existance, Professional in every way. Bichons are cut in a special way that only the most highly experienced groomers like Barkers can get perfect.

MONTY & CINTRA (German Shepherds)

I have just collected Monty & Cintra from being shampooed and groomed by Barkers and I just want to say how pleased I am with the end result and the friendly and courteous way I was treated by the staff – I’ll be back!